Operation Deploy Your Dress

Operation Deploy Your Dress’s primary goal is to improve the quality of life of military families by offsetting the high cost of attending formal military functions, especially for junior servicemembers. ODYD currently β€œdeploys” dresses from fourteen brick and mortar shops at installations around the world. These shops are solely run by military spouse volunteers.

Operation Deploy Your Dress is a non profit that provides free formalwear (new and gently used) to military ID card holders in an effort to boost attendance at military balls and build camaraderie in military communities. The gowns are provided to shoppers for FREE. There is no need to return the dresses. Operation Deploy Your Dress collects donated dresses by individuals and other dress shops with the purpose of deploying them to military members and their dependents at absolutely no cost. The purpose is to offset the cost of attending military balls and other formal events.

Operation Deploy Your Dress was founded by army spouses but it has grown into a very purple organization. Purple indicates support of all branches of the U.S. Armed forces through the combination of their colors. Here at Fort Leonard Wood our goal is to not only promote the program to all of our branches to shop but also obtain volunteers from all branches as well.

The heart and soul of this organization is the following three pillars:

1. Deploying America’s patriotism one dress at a time.

2. Fostering community through volunteerism, while building concrete work experience for military spouses.

3. Upholding military tradition and cultivating camaraderie.

ODYD assists in bridging the ever-growing gap between the military and civilian communities by offering a tangible way for the American public to show their appreciation for the service and sacrifice of our military servicemembers and their families.

Who can shop Operation Deploy Your Dress?

Anyone with a Military ID Card

That’s any service member or their dependent who have a valid military ID. This goes for ALL Military Branches. Here at Fort Leonard Wood we have service members from several branches stationed here. ODYD welcomes service members and their dependents to shop from all branches (Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Space Force). If you have a valid military ID you can shop. (DoD ID’s are not accepted)

Physical Address:
13900 Replacement Avenue
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473
Phone: (573) 329-4513

Mailing Address:
Armed Services YMCA Fort Leonard Wood
PO Box #18
Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

Additional Drop Site:
Blue Star Families
194 Eastlawn Ave.
St. Robert, MO. 65584
Mon-Wed 9am-1pm

We are now open for military ID holders to schedule an appointment to shop for a gown at absolutely no cost. One dress can be deployed per military ID holder per year.

Shop location is at the Armed Services YMCA of Missouri.

13900 Replacement Ave.
Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 65473

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